Content Management

Content Management

We are a content service provider company that creates quality content to attract and engage customers regularly. Chikiweb specializes in authentic, reliable, engaging, SEO friendly and grammatically flawless content to meet the clients' requirements.

Our team of professional writers and editors have expertise in a number of fields. Quality content on a wide range of topics is created efficiently after extensive research and training to create an impact. Chikiweb understands the importance of establishing and monitoring quality control and quality audit process to provide premium products and services. Therefore, each assignment goes through multiple quality checks to satisfy the clients and meet the turnaround time.

The content needs of the clients are unique and so are our services. We have experienced content writers who customize their writing to suit the needs of every assignment. Our portfolio includes clients from diverse backgrounds of travel, fashion, internet marketing, lifestyle and many more. Flexibility is our strength and our skilled writers deliver cost effective solutions just as you want it.

Web Content Services

Content is the present and future of marketing
  •  Catalogue Creation
  •  Voice Support Services
  •  Pictures (Digital Profile)
  •  Fresh/Regular Updates (Maintenance)
  •  SMS Process Management
  •  Inactive Customers Management
  •  Booking Failure Queue Management
  •  Campaign Management
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Market survey/research, Test Marketing, Customer Feedback Process Management & Support Services

Catalogue Creation

  •  Product Title
  •  Product Description
  •  Navigation
  •  Photo/s
  •  Multi-views
  •  Product Videos
  •  Product Features
  •  Accessories & Cross Sell
  •  Product Price
  •  Booking Policies
  •  General terms & conditions
  •  Other relevant product specific fields

New Methodology

Program Management
  •  Work allocation is centrally managed
  •  All team activities are captured and reported
  •  Team discipline is closely monitored
Category Specialization
  •  Category specific trainings are conducted
  •  Domain expertise are created
  •  Industry level trainings are conducted
Training Programs
  •  Structured trainings scheduled regularly
  •  Soft skills trainings conducted for the team
  •  Category expert level trainings conductedMethodology
Structured Feedback
  •  Weekly team meetings are held
  •  Regular feedback is provided to the team

Web Content Writing

  •  Content Development
  •  SEO Content Writing
  •  Web Copywriting
  •  SEO Copywriting
  •  Blog Writing
  •  Company Profile Writing
  •  Travel Writing
  •  Newsletter Writing
  •  Press Release Writing
  •  Article Writing
  •  Product Description Writing
  •  Product Review Writing
  •  Online Content Marketing
  •  Outsource Content Writing
  •  Hire Content Writers

Content Writing Service

To ensure online success in businesses, it is imperative that an enterprise refreshes its content flow. Product information needs to be refreshed on a continuous basis to fulfill the Internet based expectations of today. Chiki Web provides effective web content management facilities.

Chikiweb offers Web Publishing solutions which decreases the time-to-create-to- publish, enabling you to get content published faster. Our content management system allows you to publish a wide range of content which in turn will maximize the emphasis and value it creates.

You know that Web Content Management system not only plays an important role in e-businesses but is also an important aspect of all websites. Online businesses associate content flow with cash flow. If you cannot update the information about the products or services you offer online whenever the need arise, then you can lose on customers and also leave a bad impression.

Why Chiki Web

  •  We have a dedicated, full-time, professionally trained, pay per click management staff
  •  Our staff utilizes proprietary pay per click

  •  Pick-up/drop of Material
  •  Photoshoot / Model Shoot / Post Production of Images
  •  Content Writing
  •  Data processing
  •  Input Sheets Preparations
  •  Making it Live

Coordination with all E-Stores, Coordination with you for quality approvals & then complete Account Management.

ONE STOP Solution for complete cataloguing

LIST & SELL your products on ALL E-commerce websites

We help you list & sell your products on all popular online stores

Manage ORDERS from ALL multiple online stores

See, Collate and Assess all orders from all online stores on which you sell and plan better for higher growth

Manage “shipping labels” and “invoices”

With all your orders in one place, printing shipping labels, invoices and other documentation is absolutely hassle free. This will save you an immense amount of time.

Generate reports – As and When you NEED

Check your sales from all marketplaces. Compare performance across sale points, products and plan for higher growth.

Online or Offline, you don't need to maintain a separate inventory.

Inventory Management

We help you do Centralized Inventory Management. "One-Interface for multiple functions" solution, helps you manage your inventory across all online and offline websites from one single dashboard.

Order Management

We help you do hassle free management of products leaving and arriving into the warehouse.

Pricing Control

We help configure the prices of every product you sell and maintain it above threshold of cost of production on all e-stores.

Payment Reconciliation

While selling on multiple e-stores, manage seamlessly payment cycle, commissions rates, transfer prices, returns, cancellations, penalties etc. We provide one single solution that can manage everything together.


Simplified Reporting and Analytics helps you manage Sales - Orders - Pending payments - Cancelled orders - Shipments sent - Damaged products - Cash-on-Delivery and much more.

Data Management

Product Data Entry
  •  Magento Product Upload
  •  Yahoo Store Data Entry
  •  3d Cart Product Entry
  •  Bigcommerce Product Entry
  •  Shopify Product Upload
  •  OpenCart Product Upload
  •  Amazon Product Upload
  •  eBay Listing Service
  •  Product Feed Submission

Specialized Data Support
  •  Commany Reports
  •  Survey/Questionnnaire
  •  Invoices
  •  Product/Warrantry Registration
  •  Insurance Claims
  •  Enrollment Forms
  •  Yellow Pages
  •  Legal Documents
  •  MySQL Data Entry
  •  MS Access
  •  Excel Data Entry
  •  Telephone Directories
  •  Dictionaries, Manuals & Encyclopedias
  •  Mailing Lists
Product Data Management
  •  Product Data Classification
  •  SKU Development
  •  Taxonomy Development
  •  Product Data Cleansing
  •  Data Matching & De-duplication
  •  Product Data Enrichment
  •  Product Data Standardization
  •  Product Data Normalization
  •  Product Data Migration

Data Management
  •  Data Normalization
  •  Data De- duplication
  •  Data Cleansing / Enrichment
  •  Data Standardization
  •  Web Research / Data Mining
  •  Data Extraction
  •  Data Abstraction
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Database Development & Migration
  •  Address Management
Data Entry
  •  Online Data Entry
  •  Offline Data Entry
  •  Data Capture
  •  Copy Past Services
  •  Book Data Entry
  •  Image Data Entry
  •  Document Data Entry
  •  PDF Data Entry
  •  OCR cleanup
  •  Scanning and Indexing

Data Processing
  •  Forms Processing
  •  Credit Card Processing
  •  Rebate Processing
  •  Order Processing
  •  Market Research Forms Processing
  •  Mailing List Compilation